who we are

Goplasticfree.org was founded by Erin and Matt, two Ph.D. scientists from South Carolina with a passion for sustainable living.  Our own lifestyle is still a work in progress, but we strive to reduce our consumption, reduce our waste, and purchase more sustainable products when possible.  Although it is just one small part of living sustainably, we believe that the elimination of single-use consumer plastics in an achievable waste-reduction goal, especially with the proliferation of new innovative products on the market.  


We felt compelled to create goplasticfree.org to help spread the word about the urgent the need to eliminate single-use plastics. We hope this site will facilitate action, by providing resources for taking steps to end plastic waste and listing easy plastic-free swaps for the most common single-use household items. As scientists, we believe in evidence-based decision making. All the recommendations here are grounded in evidence, as reviewed in the information section of this site.


Actually, your best choice would be to buy plastic-free products from local independent businesses. But these products can sometimes be hard to find locally, making shipping necessary.  Unlike many "eco-friendly" shopping sites, we are not a for-profit business, but an independent information source created by concerned citizens. Through Amazon.com's "Smile" program, a portion of every Amazon purchase you make on this site will go to the National Resources Defense Council, a non-profit founded in 1970 that works to protect our wildlife and ecosystems. In addition to this, as an Amazon Associate and an affiliate of Lifewithoutplastic.com, we earn from qualifying purchases. We pledge to donate 100% of any profits we make from this program to the National Resources Defense Council.

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